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ecent years○.According to Peng●uin Intelligence&rsq○uo;s 2017 China G○ame Industry Report●, released○ in June, the an○nual market value● of China’s○ e-sports sector r■eached 20 billion y

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◆uan ($3.19 bil◆lion) in 2016,● generated by gamer■s’ sp○ending, copyright○ distribution, merc〓handising and■ e-commerce. The n●umber of register〓ed online game●rs jumped to 22■0 milli

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on ◆in 2017 from 170 mil●lion in 20○16.Another report,○ from market res●earcher Niko Partner◆, showed China&r◆squo;s e-sport○s market topp○ed $1.26 billi●on in 2017, while● the total p●rize

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attracted over ●11,000 excite○d fans at Shenzh■en Bay Spo■rts Center in◆ Shenzhen, G●uangdong p〓rovince, in December●.The KPL&rsquo■;s live broadcast, v〓ideo and other me■dia content■ notched a sta〓ggering 10.3 billi〓on online views las?/p>

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